Why You Need Online Reputation Management

In the Internet age, when a simple Internet search is all it takes to access information about anything and anyone, online reputation management is a necessity. Unfortunately, many people do not understand what online reputation management involves, or the effect it has on their daily lives. It is imperative that you take steps to protect your online reputation, otherwise you will suffer serious consequences.

According to Forbes, online reputation management entails a combination of public relations, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and marketing to promote, guard and defend your profile or business image online.

Set up accounts on various social media sites and get involved to find out what people are talking about or what information they are sharing that might affect your business. Check out reviews, comments, and other content on these sites. And you want to be sure you have a website or blog that is updated with the latest information in your niche.

Whether you’re a lawyer trying to protect your practice from derogatory posts or negative reviews, a job seeker trying to make a great impression with recruiters, or a parent trying to ensure the safety of your children online, it is important that you have a reliable system to protect your online reputation. Obviously, this is not an easy task but it has to be done if you want your peace of mind. For many people, that means relying on a professional for expert online reputation and crisis management services.

The Search Fixers (http://thesearchfixers.com) is considered as a leading company in online reputation management, with great expertise in SEO and content creation. It is one of the most reliable companies in the field and has countless clients around the world. The Search Fixers has well qualified professionals who can push down negative content and push up positive reviews on search results.

The Search Fixers creates positive content and social media sites for their clients in order to increase their online presence and fix bad search results. It also provides a way to encourage positive reviews as well as a place to filter reviews. If negative reviews are a big concern for your business, you will certainly benefit from the reputation management solutions provided by The Search Fixers. Have a look at their website, check out the various features they offer and then get in touch with their staff to schedule a consultation with their online reputation consultants.

What the Popular Magnises Card Has to Offer

During his youthful days, a young tech entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, saw a business opportunity within the credit card market in New York City. According to the entrepreneur, the opportunity was in between the high-end cards on vimeo.com that offer clients points for using the cards and the low-end cards that allow their users to get cash back on their purchases. At the time of this realization, McFarland felt that the high-end cards, such as the Black Card, were out of his reach and the low-ends cards were not of help to him either. To breach this need, the entrepreneur came up with his own credit card, which he launched on March 1, 2014. In this regard, the Magnises is a form of black card that allows you to gain access a swank town as well as enjoy a myriad of perks and benefits.

Basically, this card links to your current banking setup. This makes the Magnises a trendy form of your credit or debit card, but comes with various social benefits for its members. Over the years this business venture has been operational, it has been able to vet and accept about 2,000 members. According to McFarland, his Magnises team of 13 has to go through the more than 200 membership applications they get every day. This indicates how New York Dwellers fancy the card. The increasing popularity of Magnises may be attributed to its numerous social benefits and perks for its members, some of which are discussed below.

– It Targets a Certain Group

About 80 percent of the current more than 2,000 Magnises members today are aged between 21 and 29 years. While the business seems to be targeting the young professionals, its owner says that they do not base their selection on occupation. Instead, the owner says that they choose their members on how the members will use their Magnises perks as well as the value the applicants will add to the Magnises community. With almost every youth in New York desiring to be a member of the community, the selection process is rather strict, selecting only a handful of young professionals from various industries, who have been doing a lot of impressive things in their respective industries

– It Offers Social-Centric Perks

Currently, the business venture has more than 50 partnerships on businessinsider.com and aims at enhancing all the aspects of its members’ lives. In this regard, the business gets the best of the things their members do every day for them. For instance, they incorporate personalized private drivers, private trainers as well as the leading service providers like gyms and restaurants. Additionally, the company plans on adding members-only events to the list of its perks. Some of the events the business is planning to host for its members include happy hours, chef-series dinners, educational talks and parties.

– The Card is Backed by Experts

The advisers and investors in Magnises are smart and successful people, including the former chairman of MasterCard, Lance Weaver; the former CEO and president of Oglivy & Mather, Bill Gray as well as Kevin Liles, the former CEO and president of Def Jam.

Judging from the numerous benefits and perks offered by the Magnises card, it is not much of a Credit Card, but rather a networking community for a clique of young professionals looking for experience. Magnises is continually vetting and selecting young professionals from a vast array of industries to enjoy their perks and benefits.

All About Philantropist, Billionaire: Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American from Washington DC. He was born in 1949 to a Jewish family. Bruce attended school in America and graduated with a degree in law. Levenson is married with three children. He happens to be a renowned billionaire and a philanthropist.

As a journalist, Bruce co-founded a company named United Communications Group that specializes in analyzing news, energy, healthcare, mortgage banking, technology, and other industries. Bruce is also among the directors of Atlanta Hawks; a professional basketball team that was bought in 2011. Levenson is also a member of NBA board of governors. In 2014, Levenson announced to sell his share in Atlanta Hawks. It’s believed that the team has been sold at around $1 billion.

Other areas where Bruce has served include; founding and board member to the Tech Target, adviser of BIA Digital Partners, Board member of Newsletter and Electronic Publications (NEPA). He was also nominated to the Software and information industry association.

Within his philanthropy life, Bruce has been the president of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”, an organization that helps students from low income areas access quality education. He has also participated in the Community Foundation of Washington and The Hoop Dream Foundation. Levenson is a donor to the U.S Holocaust Museum. He has also made other notable donations to other organizations. Together with his wife, they started a Center for Philanthropy and Leadership at the University of Maryland. He wrote a letter to Israel and urged the president to work with John Kerry to ensure peace prevailed.

Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen have homes in Maryland, Patomac, and Atlanta. This couple has three sons.In conclusion, Bruce Levenson has immensely contributed to the economy of America through sports, philanthropy, diplomacy and has enhanced social ties with other countries to promote peace. With his thriving businesses, Bruce has earned himself a name in the Forbes records. To learn more, visit brucelevenson.com and the Bruce’s Wikipedia page.


Dallas Bank Boosts Economic Improvement

In an effort to provide more homes to those in need in the Dallas area, Nexbank has recently teamed up with both Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. As a result of this partnership, more than $50 million are expected to be provided as loans for mortgages on homes for low-income buyers. Of course, it’s not enough to simply provide loans, especially if someone doesn’t have the means to later pay it back.

With this in mind, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity is working closely with the recipients of Nexbank’s loans, in order to ensure that they’re properly educated on financial responsibility and are capable of eventually paying off the loan. As we saw during the financial crisis of 2008, improper loans can have a disastrous impact on the economy. Luckily, Nexbank’s efforts are specifically designed to take these issues into account and ensure that the loans are instead given out responsibly.

For its part, Nexbank has established itself as a regional leader of both economic management and philanthropy in the Dallas area. It’s precisely because of this expertise that Nexbank has been able to develop a program that takes into account the many complexities involved with providing housing to low-income families. Aside from its mortgage lending practices, Nexbank is also offering low-income families the opportunity to earn additional money off of closings through its affiliate program. As Nexbank has explained, its plan is to improve the quality of life for not just the families in need, but also of the region as a whole. By providing high-quality housing to more people, more people get access to a better education and a better lifestyle, which then feeds back into improving the region. It’s for this reason that Nexbank takes its philanthropic efforts so seriously and has specifically chosen to partner with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

The Expressive Possibilities Of Lime Crime’s New Metallic Velvetine Colors and Superfoil Duo

Lime Crime is an independent makeup company that focuses on vegan-oriented and cruelty-free makeup. It is also focused on allowing its users a high level of self-expression. It has become highly popular due to these dual ideologies, and they made waves recently when they announced the release of new metallic Velvetine and Superfoil makeup colors.


Why is this such a big deal and what can these new makeup designs offer fashion-conscious women like you? Read on to find out why you shouldn’t miss this great new line of makeup. It could just help you create a new style and catch on in the ultra-competitive world of Instagram photography.


What’s The Big Deal?

Fans of Lime Crime are going crazy over the new options. Their makeup typically has a metallic look and their new line includes a whole variety of colors, including icy silver, champagne gold, rose gold, olive, mauve, violet, pink, mauve, and cocoa brown.


All of these new color pairings are quickly selling out on Doll’s Kill, due to high demand. One of the most popular of these is the Crystal/Halo combination, which includes icy silver and champagne gold. Each color has been carefully chosen to create a “fall neutral” color scheme that fits in with just about any personal style.


Are There Any Expert Application Tips?

Doe Deere, founder and CEO of Lime Crime has suggested lining lips a few shades darker and then adding some Lime Crime makeup. Deere stated that “Just like Velvetines, Superfoils are easy to apply, but there is some technique involved if you are trying to achieve an Insta-worthy look…Simply pick up product with a finger or brush, spritz with water or other mixing medium on top, and apply directly to the eyelid for supreme sparkle and shine.”


This tips helps you create a rich and colorful personal style that can be tweaked in a variety of ways. This helps make Lime Crime’s new line very expressive and useful for just about any Instagram fan. Show off your cool style and make an online impression by trying out this new line of Lime Crime makeup.  Also be sure to follow them on social media, including the Tumblr page here: http://limecrime.tumblr.com/

Conscientious Entrepreneur of Eucatex Group


Eucatex Group is a well-established Brazilian firm that is a stellar and good example of a properly managed and operated international company. This company was founded in 1951 and since inception it has displayed amazing and advanced characteristics following Flavio Maluf’s leadership. Over the years, Eucatex has grown to a global company and this has contributed to its success because it serves a wider market.

Eucatex Group was the very first company to make use of eucalyptus wood to make adorable and beautiful furniture and particleboard. One of the factors that makes this firm stand out from the others manufacturing companies is its commitment to preserving the environment. Flavio Maluf, the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Group is not only interested in production and high returns but also environmental sustainability. This company started its first mill in Sao Paulo in 1954. At this time, Eucatex Group specialized in the manufacturing of panel and ceiling. After a short period of operation, this firm expanded its operations by building administrative offices in Buenos Aires and other Brazilian cities. As the firm grew, it started exporting its products to Europe and this contributed to the establishment of more mills to speed up the production.

Environmental Preservation

Despite the increased production of flooring, hardboard, doors, walls and paint by Eucatex Group, this firm strives to ensure the environment is fully protected through forestry administration and recycling. This has therefore raised this firm to being among the innovative companies within the market place. Under Flavio’s direction, Eucatex Group produces renewable forests and focuses on respecting environmental legislation. In addition to this, Flavio is obsessed with offering good working conditions for all his employees and building a healthy social integration with the surrounding communities. This has therefore contributed to the success of this firm.

About Flavio Maluf

With a strong and firm belief in technology, Flavio Maluf concentrates of new innovations and invests heavily on the launching of amazing products within the industry. Apart from being the head of Eucatex Group, Flavio also writes different articles on business facets with an aim to assist entrepreneurs improve their areas of weaknesses. Additionally, he takes delight in associating himself with voluntary services as well as charity.  For more insight on Flavio’s expertise, read his analysis of what Brexit means for Brazil here: http://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/dino/noticias/empresario-flavio-maluf-noticia-sobre-as-consequencias-economicas-da-saida-do-reino-unido-da-ue.shtml

Wen By Chaz Is A Difference Maker

Emily McClure of Bustle.com describes herself in her review, http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened, as a die-hard hair care fanatic. This tells people two things: number one, this means something to her and she truly cares about it. It is not just a hobby or a way to pass the time. Number two, she has tried a lot of products and can tell the good from the bad. When someone is a fanatic in any type of field, they know what they are talking about and when they speak, people should listen, pay attention, and hang on their every word, especially if they care about their hair.
She saw and heard everything there was out there in the world about Wen hair by Chaz, and she figured it was time to give it a shot and see if it was worthy of all the hype and the praise that it has received. After all, this is one bottle that is a styling treatment, shampoo, and conditioner. It does three things in one bottle for one low price. If she liked it or didn’t like it, she wanted to let her dedicated readers know what to expect and what they were going to get when they plunked down their money down on this product.

Not only that, she gave it a full week. Instead of simply trying it out for one day and judging it off that, she gave it a full week, added pictures to each and every single day, and even gave her in-depth thoughts. That is giving it the right amount of devotion that it deserves. After it was all said and done, she saw what she was promised: bounce and shine. She also saw a renewed sense of confidence and happiness brought upon by what people were saying about her hair and how much they loved her hair. Need Wen hair? Order yours on eBay or through Guthy-Renker.

Visit the Wen hair Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/


VTA Publications Helps People Earn More Money Investing

VTA Publications has produced a lot of material to help people make sure that they can invest well, and they have published the Wealth Wave by Jim Hunt to help people who are trying to get better at investing. VTA Publications wants to be sure that all their readers are as productive as possible, and they want to give everyone something that is worth reading. This is why they want to publish as much as they can in the fields of finance and productivity.


Finance is very easy to learn from writers, and there are many people who are trying to make sure that they can use the small amounts of money to invest. Jim Hunt believes a lot in the bear market because he thinks that he can make more money that way. Finding something that is going to improve in price in hard because most people have no idea when a company will hit the jackpot. However, companies will start to fall apart in ways that people can predict.


Mr. Hunt has taught people how to invest in a bear market, and he shows people how to find something that will not perform well. They can start betting against that at once, and they will start to see profits stream in. That is something that a lot of people can learn to do to make it easier for them to earn money, and it will give them a more reliable way to make cash. They can pick out the companies that are fading, and they can start investing in them today.


The Wealth Wave by Mr. Hunt has made it easy for everyone to bet against the right things. Betting against a company be very profitable. That is why people must read up on things from VTA Publications today. Check out Jim’s YouTube account for more information on what his trades can do for you, and what you can achieve with this system.  Find his account here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_8HMk0s_M9rk2KZWOOTrQQ

Keith Mann Supports the NYPD

This is a time in our lives where we need to stick together and be united as opposed to being at each other’s throats. There is no need to be negative, cynical, or focus on all of the bad that is happening. Instead, it is a time to stay positive, look for solutions, and focus on the big picture. Remember, it was the 15th anniversary of 9/11 two days ago. That should remind us all of what is really important and what really matters in life, as many people lost their lives. That is what happens with police officers, sadly. They do that and take that risk because that is the job they signed up for and it is a job they means a great deal to them.

That is where Keith Mann comes into the picture. This is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and also the director of Dynamics Search Partners. He has read the headlines and he keeps up to date on everything that is going on in the world. He is no dummy. You don’t get to where he is in life without taking the time to know what is happening in the world around you. Keith Mann is a big supporter of the NYPD and all that they do. In fact, he has an uncle that is a detective in State Island.

The job is not for everyone and the people that put their lives on the line, each and every day, should be praised and honored. They should not be ripped apart in the media and on social networks. That is why Keith Mann decided to do something nice for them and something that is positive in nature. He sent the the 54th Street lunch once in January and then again in February. Keith Mann sees them as human beings and even said so in a recent article. He said that behind those uniforms, they are just you and I. Clearly, they have a much more tasking and stressful job than us, but they are people. It is important to remember they are people and they have good intentions.

Brad Reifler; An Investment Advisor At The Top

Brad Reifler achieved his first degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College. Since graduation, his journey in the finance industry has been full of success in every environment that he finds himself in. In 1982, Reifler found his first company Reifler Trading Corporation which specialized in global differentials. However, after some time, he sold the company to Refco.

Later, Brad founded Pali Capital where he served for 13 years, according to LinkedIn, both as a chair and CEO. His experience and several years in service saw the company’s profits magically increase while the operations shifted to the global market. At the moment, Brad Reifler is the C.E.O of Forefront Advisories. The firm is known for its expertise in both commodity and forex advice. Reifler is a free-spoken member of the society in that he extensively advises people on new ways to plan for their future through investing.

In the modern world, both the commodity and forex are riskier hence threatening individuals who may be willing to risk their money. However, based on his thirty years of experience in the field, Brad Reifler is extremely qualified and is the top ranked investment advisor. His reputation has seen him being credited as the director of several big companies not forgetting the titles acquired and the wins in the financial world. Through Reifler’s management, Forefront Company has experienced positive results and significant profits.

Brad extends his commitment and advice to the typical investors. Well acquainted with sound investing principles, Brad Reifler is in a position to see the companies customers get substantial gains. Brad Reifler is aware of the investing market that is the one percent with government mandated capital to invest in public funds and the others with no wealth who are banned by the government from carrying out direct investments in the same fields.

In a recent breakdown for PR Newswire about a recent film, The Money Monster, Brad explained the similarities between the film and real life investors and how complicated the markets can be for those who aren’t prepared. In his service, Reifler is set to make a change to the non-accredited investors. Reifler believes that an average investor could see a small investment grow drastically if only he/she is provided with better investment options.