Eric Pulier Is A Man Dedicated To Many Causes

Eric Pulier is a man that is known as a super entrepreneur. Eric Pulier graduated from high school in 1985 from Teaneck New Jersey. Later on he went to Harvard University and obtained his bachelors of arts and he graduated magna cum laude. While he was studying in Harvard he found a big interest in computer science. He also loved things such as American literature and environmental studies.

Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey but later in 1991 he moved to Los Angeles. He founded the company PDT which stands for People Doing Things. This was a health care company that helps people with things like education and other healthcare issues. Next he founded Digital Evolution. Later on this company combined with US Interactive. A very popular business that Eric started was called Starbright World which is a private social network that helps children that are chronically ill. The reason that Eric Pulier is known as a super entrepreneur is because he helped start some 15 different companies. Such as US interactive, Servicemash, and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. Mr. Pulier is a man that is dedicated to many causes, and he has done much more than just be an avid entrepreneur.

Eric Pulier is known to be a technologist, a columnists, a public speaker, an author and a philanthropist. As a philanthropist he has done much to raise funds for many educational programs to help people that are suffering with multiple sclerosis to get education and treatment for the disease. Eric is also known as one of the founding donors for the ACE foundation this is a foundation that is dedicated to shaping how software is built. This is a nonprofit organization that helps to deal with many of the humanitarian issues that go on around the world. Apart from that Eric has helped in funding and organizing of many other nonprofit organizations that encourage technical development that can benefit individuals all around the world.

Even though Eric is a man that keeps himself very busy when it comes to his work, his writing, his business and his philanthropy, he makes sure to keep himself very active in his children’s life. He is the father of four children, and he lives in Los Angeles with them. He is a person that not only has reached out to help others in the community, but he is an awesome father and friend.

The Game of Lacrosse and the Brain Behind Its Camps

Lacrosse is a team sport that is played using a lacrosse stick. The other basic equipment’s needed for the game include a helmet, arm pads, gloves and shoulder pads. The first intercollegiate lacrosse game in the US was played on November 22, 1877 between Manhattan College and New York University. This was after the game was introduced in upstate New York in the 1860’s. One organization that has been at the forefront of promoting lacrosse across the state of Colorado in recent years is the Next Level Lacrosse Camp (NLLC).

Since its founding in 2011, the lacrosse camp has grown to become the premier entity for youth lacrosse in Colorado. The camp is focused on horning specific gaming skills that are critical in promoting player’s interest, style of play and field positioning. Participants in Next Level Lacrosse Camps also get to learn from some of the most prolific players in the sport including Jon Urbana and a group of the Denver Outlaws players. The registration dates, and camping schedules for NLLC camps are always available on Facebook and at Urbana’s official website. Participants in the camps are encouraged to apply early in order to avoid last minute hassles.

Jon Urbana is the founder of Next Level Lacrosse; the organization was founded in 2011. Jon Urbana is also a renowned entrepreneur in Denver circles. He is currently the head of business development at Ellipse USA, a medical device manufacturing company. At Ellipse USA, Jon oversees the progress of the Ellipse revolutionary IPL and laser technologies. He also oversees their Twitter profile (@jonurbana1) and management level communication as well as the operations of the marketing department. The solutions developed by the company are designed to aid in the treatment of acne, wrinkle reduction, sun-damaged skin and vascular lesions and hair removal among other conditions.

Outside his love for sports and career obligations, Jon has channeled a lot of his efforts in philanthropic work. Some of the organizations he works with, include; the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society (ARAS) and Earth Force. Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is at the forefront of promoting kindness to animals, while Earth Force is focused on saving and promoting various environmental agendas.

Jon has successfully raised funds for these organizations on various occasions, thanks to his vast interpersonal network and videos promoting the crowdfunding drives.

Jon is also a huge blogging enthusiast, he often writes and advocates for various issues affecting the society. You can get in touch with Jon via his website,, and social media, through sites such as, Aviation Business Gazette, Instagram and LinkedIn.

One Life to Live is an Iconic Soap Opera with Iconic Characters

One Life to Live is an iconic soap opera that enthralled audiences with its colorful characters, exciting plot twist, and dramatic storytelling for 43 years from its first episode 1968 until it went off the air in 2013. Generations of viewers watched as the citizens of the fictional suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Llanview got married, had children, fought, fell in love, and otherwise lived and died. It was also known for being one of the first soap operas to focus on social issues.

Viewers tuned in daily to find out what the colorful cast of characters in this otherwise ordinary suburban town was up to. The show exposed the secrets of its characters and allowed viewers to escape into the lives of people who had deep histories and exciting lives. Besides all of the drama, One Life to Live was often praised for being the most American of soap operas, because of its wide range of characters from all walks of life, including immigrants, wealthy WASPS, and minorities.

Through the years, many characters came and went from the show, each of them adding a special dynamic to the show. One Life to Live explored everything from characters with disassociative identity disorder in the personality of one of its longest lasting and most popular characters Victoria Lord, to murder, adultery, cancer, and divorce. The show was notable for it’s vast range of characters and centered on four large families, the Irish- Catholic Riley’s, the wealthy WASP Lord’s, the working class Polish-American Wolecks, and the African-American Gray’s

Among the colorful cast of characters was Stacy Morasco, who first appeared onscreen as a Las Vegas stripper who followed her sister Gigi back to Llanview. From the beginning, Stacy was a mischievous character who weaved a tangled web of lies that unraveled the lives of the people around her. She immediately started an affair with her sister’s boyfriend, which ultimately led to her untimely demise. This dynamic character was played by up and coming actress, Crystal Hunt. During her time on the show, popular Facebook celeb Crystal Hunt wowed audiences with her masterful portrayal of the character.

Since her time on the show, Crystal has continued her career as an actress appearing in popular movies and tv shows. On the big screen, she appeared as Lauren in the Channing Tatum helmed Magic Mike XXL and Molly in a 23 Blast, an American football drama. On the small screen, she is known for her roles in soap operas, including One Life to Live and Guiding Light. She has also appeared in a show called Queens of Daytime, which she covered often on her Instagram feed, which follows the lives of several female daytime soap stars including Hunt.

Benefits of Owning an NBA Team

In order to own a National Basketball Association team, one requires a lot of capital. Not only do you require a lot of money to buy the team but you also need to have the money to pay for all the operating expenses, maintenance and insurance among other expenses. Despite these expenses, owning a NBA team has remained one of the most attractive propositions among investors. According to the NBA commissioner, David Stern, in more than 25 years in his position as a commissioner, only one franchise has been sold less for what it was bought. This shows that every other team had made good money. Therefore owning a NBA team is a great source of income. Selling any NBA team for a much higher price gives the owners the biggest profits. Big market teams make a lot of money for the owner amounting to tens of millions a year. For instance, Bill Davidson bought Detroit Pistons for over 8 million in 1974 and sold the team at 37 million in today’s money. This gave him a good profit in this business. Although Sales process sometimes, take long than expected but once the entire process goes through, the owner of the Franchise makes good amount of money from the sale. Selling of a franchise emerges after one group considers itself out of the running after having no contact with the firm. The ownership of a NBA franchise helps other business’s interests, which would obviously be a great moneymaker. The owners help advertise other companies because of their fame. This gives the owners of NBA companies an opportunity to make their money in a different way through their fame. The teams grow with the type of players employed by the franchise thus the owners try to employ trained and experienced players who will take the team to a greater level. Briefly, the owners of NBA team care mostly on the growth of the franchise because if the franchise grows to a greater height then the investment proves a bigger growth rate. Like any other business opportunity, NBA owners find the business a lucrative field, which makes them, make contacts with rich people all over the world, visit various places around the world as well as find new investment opportunities all over the world. Therefore owning a National Basketball Association Team is an opportunity, which is ventured in by the rich people in order to make more money as well as expand their investment opportunities. Bruce Levenson is one of the successful owners of NBA team and a businessperson. He was also a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC(formally Atlanta Spirit LLC),which owns Phillips Arena and Atlanta Hawks Basketball team .He has proved his success by co-founding United Communications Group(UCG). He also served as the Hawks Governor on NBA Board of governors in 2004. Later in 2014, Levenson decided to sell his share of the owner ship of Hawks after he reported an email sent in August 2012, which discussed the Hawks African-American fan base. This gave him a great profit in the market.

FreedomPop, A Cellular Network Free Of High Prices

Los Angeles-based cell phone company FreedomPop has just announced that they will soon release a smartphone that is intended for use with their Wi-Fi based network. While FreedomPop is not the only Wi-Fi enabled cellular network, they are one of just a few companies offering a network that is intended to be used primarily on wireless internet connections. According to the original article published on CNET, the company has a network plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and data for a low fee of just $5.00 a month and is available in both the US and the UK. The new smart phone, which is slated for a 2016 release, will be priced somewhere between $99 and $199 and will feature Intel’s new SoFIA platform. This platform essentially decreases production costs due to the combination of the modem and the processor, allowing for the smart phones to be sold to the public at discounted prices. In addition to FreedomPop increasing the quality of their cellular devices that are compatible with their service, the company has already began increasing their networks coverage all over the United States. They have been working with internet providers and Wi-Fi aggregators throughout the US to increase their coverage and they fully expect to have over 90 percent of the top 200 metropolitan areas in the country covered by end of the year. While the company has worked hard to ensure that their phone service will work well in Wi-Fi hot spots all over the country such as McDonalds, Best Buy, and Starbucks, they also make a point of mentioning that their cellular devices are also capable of utilizing traditional cellular networks in case of emergencies. Although using their devices on cellular networks will require users to pay a fee, FreedomPop customers can rest easy knowing that they are saving money but will always have the capability to make emergency calls and texts when they need to.

CipherCloud: A Gothic Tale

As a little girl, I did not aspire to be a dainty doll like Shirley Temple. However, I did like some of the cool wardrobe combinations that Punky Brewster had. Much to the chagrin of my parents, I was more like Wednesday Addams. No, I did not guillotine my dolls, have a pet lion, or have a disembodied hand as a servant.However, that would have been awesome! I just thought the spooky family and Gothic setting made me feel at home.

When I became a teenager, I found that there were many other people who shared my passion for all things dark. The punk movement that started on the West coast did a lot to inspire the Gothic culture we have today. I always knew that it was an absolute fallacy that all followers of Goth are mentally unstable and too creepy to trust

Goth style is as different as the folks who adopt it. I like styles of classic movie Goths like Morticia Addams. I also like the creepy edge of characters like Elvira, Lily Munster, and the iconic Bride of Frankenstein. There are Gothic styles to fit any taste and lifestyle that a person wants. It is beautiful to be able to follow my heart and be myself.

After I got my MBA, I decided to go into some business ventures. One of the first jobs I had was managing a prestigious tattoo studio. I loved meeting all of the different clients we had and seeing what made them tick. They inspired me on many levels, especially in some of the Goth jewelry I was creating on the side.

It started as a hobby; however, several people started to ask me to make jewelry for them. The owner of the tattoo studio loved the necklace I made her so much, she asked me to create my own jewelry line for the studio to sell. I got so busy and sales were so good that I had to go part- time in the studio.

Today, I am a partner in the tattoo studio and spend most of my time creating unique jewelry and Gothic art. We even hired three assistants to keep up with our orders. Our local customers have told so many people about us that we decided bring the jewelry business online. True to my formal business training, I wanted a web security system that would keep our customer information and files secure.

We chose Cipher Cloud, because it is a top-rated security company that is trusted by thousands of high-end businesses. Their professional staff helped us with set-up and maintains the security of our cloud-based data. Thanks to Cipher Cloud, our customers continue to haunt our web site securely for new items.

Beneful’s Glowing Reputation

When searching for the perfect dog food, it is important to keep in mind not just the dog food but also the company. A dog food selling company on should be a company that always puts the dog above profit. That is why, when an owner is searching for the perfect dog food brand, they should look closely at Nestle Purina. Nestle Purina is an international company that is head quartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Nestle Purina PetCare specializes in pet products such as pet food, treats, and litter. Nestle Purina has a long history for being a trustworthy and long-lasting company. The company prides itself for being the second largest international pet care company and that largest pet care company in the United States.

One of the multiple brands that has been produced by Nestle Purina is Beneful on petco. Beneful is a dog food company that produces wet dog food, dry dog food, and even delicious dog food treats. What makes Beneful the ultimate company to buy dog food from is because this company not only promotes the importance of excellent quality food but also stresses the importance of happy living for each and every dog. Beneful promises to each owner that not only will each dog be eating a delicious and wholesome meal, but the meal will also be nutritious.

The wet dog food that is produced by Beneful is an example of excellent quality. The wet dog food comes in over 20 different varieties. The protein that is used to create the wet dog food includes chicken, lamb, beef, or pork. Other ingredients such as barley, rice, carrots, and green beans are also combined with the protein to create a delicious concoction. The wet dog food is sold in portioned out cans that makes up the perfect meal. The texture of the wet dog food is course which means that both the owner and the dog can see exactly what they are eating.

In addition to the wet dog food and the dry dog food, the dog treats that are sold by Beneful are praised to be one of the highest quality dog treats of all time. The dog treats that are sold by Beneful come in a variety of different textures. Beneful offers a shortbread like dog treat which is nice and hearty. In addition to this, Beneful offers dog treats that are of a cracker consistency. This is done through baking the dog treat to give it a flaky texture.

Beneful, in addition to selling some of the highest quality dog food products, has also mastered advertisement campaigns. One example of their brilliant campaigns is a recent campaign in Europe. Posters were put up in cities that had the distinct dog food smell that only dogs could sense. This smell would then initiate a strong response from the dog that would make the owner think that the dog is interested in the product. Beneful has been extremely clever with gearing the product towards the dog and not the owner. 

Serial Investor Brad Reifler

The world of business is very engaging and demanding. One’s focus and level of determination are tested, and their abilities pushed to the limit. In the midst of this pressure, some people achieve a great measure of success. Success happens when hard work and preparation meet opportunity. Eventually, a successful business person becomes idolized by fellow investors and serves as a role model to younger generations.

Meet Brad Reifler, the genius behind two successful commercial enterprises in Pali Capital and Forefront Capital. In both financial institutions, he has played an integral part in establishment and day to day management affairs. CrunchBase shows Reifler started out as a financial trader after graduating from Bowdoin College in 1981. His academic field of specialization was Economics and Political Science.

Brad’s prowess in financial markets spans several interest areas. These include investment strategies, advisory and management, hedge funds, asset management, trading stocks and capital markets. Financial structuring, derivatives and finance services also fall into his line of expertise.

Brad Reifler founded Reifler Trading Company early in his career. This investment grew in stature, but he had to merge with Refco group to survive in business. Afterward, he broke free and co-founded another company-Pali Capital. Serving as its Chief Executive Officer, the company’s business exploits rose exponentially. Within a small period, Pali Capital had infiltrated deep into US markets and embarked on an expansion drive in Europe, Latin America and parts of Asia.

Almost two decades later, Forefront Capital ventured into the financial markets as an advisory and capital Management Company. Through Brad’s foresight and experience, the company offers expert advice to Forex and commodity traders in the volatile international markets. About a year ago, Forefront Capital launched a subsidiary income trust where the lower tier investors can pool resources for investment. This revolutionary idea again comes from Brad Reifler’s experience and expertise. According to Brad, there lies great potential among the middle class who are traditionally occasional investors. By pooling their resources together, the investment risks iron out and as much money can be raised as with sophisticated investors.

It’s important to note that Forefront Income Trust is a public fund. It promises to be a very profitable venture when it maximizes resource accumulation within the bourgeois societies. The ripple effect could see the revenue gap between the upper and middle classes reduce drastically. After all, the middle class categorizes much of the US population. Such free thinking has earned Brad Reifler respect and admiration within the investment circles.

Indeed, financial freedom has become the ultimate dream of every working citizen, and Reifler’s articles on the subject show that he’s committed to accomplishing this goal. With the foresight and unique approach to investment championed by Brad Reifler, the dream is within reach.

Make Up Your New Look

Wearing makeup never goes out of style; however, trends have changed and many customers are no longer satisfied with the one or two basic brands at the pharmacy counter. Why simply cover flaws when you can rock your individuality?

Out of habit, many consumers just comb the shelves for the old standby products such as Maybelline or Cover Girl, led on by the subconscious commercial jingles for these brands stuck in our heads since childhood. The rationale is that it covers, it’s cheap and it’s easy to find.

With changing fashion trends, the price of these old basic brands surging forward and the advent of Internet shopping, these reasons to stick with the old become difficult to justify. New styles and choices make it hard to settle the wallflower look. Velvety, bright, fresh hues have taken the world by storm. There are now myriad choices of high fashion looks, products, and ways to get them.

A pioneer in this brave new universe of cosmetics is Doe Deere on ideamensch, President and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. A Russian born beauty, Doe Deere is a major player in the makeup revolution. On her website the products she offers are described as “kick-ass”, which also describes the owner of this unique company. Deere started out with little money but a big dream. She found her niche in the new customer base that uses makeup not just to cover up but to bring out the ethereal beauty in every woman. She has fans and customers worldwide, as her products are not just for teens, but for anyone at any age who wants to break out of their old, boring makeup routine. Lime Crime has a sexy yet innocent look for every skin tone and eye color. Whether you use the products for everyday glamour or to dazzle your date on a night on the town, Lime Crime products provide a stunning but fresh look that’s bound to turn heads.

Residing with her husband in California, Deere has many creative outlets. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Doe Deere is a musical artist and technology executive. One look at her website and reading her interviews lets you know the title as “Queen of the Unicorns” is quite fitting in her case. She shines in her individuality and gives motivational talks and blogs about how others should follow their dreams.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime products are cruelty free and vegan friendly, which appeals to animal lovers. The products are also made in America, and on the Lime Crime website they offer free shipping for orders over $50 shipped in the USA.

Lime Crime’s website offers not only exquisite color palettes in gorgeous packaging, but beauty advice on which luscious lip color complements the trendy new candy hair colors like pink, purple and green.

Rather than buying your makeup at the drug store with your toothpaste, a new look is just a few key clicks away at

Computer Sciences Corporation, Innovator Eric Pulier

Computer Sciences Corporation or CSC is a business devoted to computer science. It is led by CEO Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier is an American businessman, entrepreneur and tech guru. He is also an avid philanthropist. The aim of the company, and one of Eric’s many amazing accomplishments, is innovation.

CSC is based in Virginia, but they have offices all over the globe and around 70,000 employees. They’ve had over 50 years of success thus far. They have a strong foundation through their mission and values. Some of these values include being client centered and motivated to meet the needs of their clients. They believe in diversity and progress, moving forward and keeping up to trends in IT. The company also believes in corporate responsibility and ethics. Eric has also helped to lay this foundation and continues to have an amazing impact through his highly effective leadership.

Raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric started his work with computers when he was around 10 years old. He eventually started his own company while in high school. These talents landed him in Harvard University, where he studied literature and wrote for The Harvard Crimson. He also took classes at nearby MIT. Eric graduated and 1988 and relocated to Lost Angeles in 1991. It was in LA that he founded People Doing Things, which focused on various concerns like education and health care. After that, he began Digital Evolution, an agency that eventually combined with US Interactive LLC. In addition to this, he’s also authored a few books and papers that have helped to educate countless aspiring entrepreneurs.

Business isn’t the only place where Eric’s made a difference. He’s been involved in many philanthropic endeavors, founding the Starbright World Network, which served as a support group for kids with terminal illnesses. He’s also given funds to the Painted Turtle, which also caters to children with illnesses. Eric has four children of his own.

It’s not a surprise that with such caring leadership that the company continues to
CSC has a lot to offer going forward. Recently, highly successful Mark Foster was added to the Board of Directors. They also continue to shine through their dedication to corporate responsibility. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Eric and CSC will do next, and the world will be a better place for it!