The Successful Career Of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was the founder of CCMP Capital. In 2006, CCMP Capital sought to avert conflicts with JP Morgan Chase and Co. through a spun out. Born and raised in New York, Murray rose to become a successful entrepreneur. He attended Sleepy Hollow High School. The graduate of Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in economics worked for large corporations before founding CCMP Capital. Murray pursued his MBA at the prestigious Columbia University.

Immediately after graduation in 1984, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company employed Murray. Here, the young Stephen served as a credit trainee. Owing to his stewardship and prudent management skills, Murray climbed through the ladder to become the company’s vice president.

It is proper to assert that Murray served JP Morgan Partners, Chemical Ventures partners and Chase Capital Partners in different investment capacities.

In 1989, Stephen Murray was recruited to the unit in charge of leveraged finance and private equity at Manufacturers Hannover Company. This unit was known as MH Equity Corporation. It is imperative to note that Chemical bank purchased Manufacturers Hannover in 1991. Manufacturers Hanover was affiliated to JP Morgan.
Murray played a pivotal role in enhancing the investment portfolio of CCMP.

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During his tenure, he focused on the manufacturing, distribution and industrial services sectors. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Murray was also a cheerful giver. He supported different charities. These charities include the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New York, Food Bank of the Lower Fairfield County, various institutions of learning and the Stamford Museum. It is significant to point out that Murray supported these initiatives through his prudent leadership and donations. Read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

Murray served on the board at Boston College as well as on Make-A-Wish Foundation’s council. In addition, Murray served on the boards of The Vitamin Shoppe, AMC entertainment, Carbela’s and Warner Chilcott companies. Before his demise, he was serving on the boards of Jetro JMDH Holdings, Infogroup Inc, Octagon credit investors, LHP Hospital Group, Strongwood insurance holdings, Ollie’s bargain outlet and Crestcom International. Read more: A History of CCMP Capital And Its Founding CEO Stephen Murray

At one time, Murray was asked about the success of CCMP in fundraising efforts without the involvement of JP Morgan, Latin America and venture capital. Murray responded by saying that despite facing many questions regarding the company’s track record, the fundraising was successful.

He asserted that CCMP’s registered impressive results in terms of strategy, capabilities and differentiation. Through Murray’s efforts, CCMP was able to raise 80% of the capital from outside investors. This situation resulted in an increase of new relationships within a short period.

The Curvy Fashionista is Excited About JustFab Plus

JustFab has always been responsible for delivering statement-making clothing at affordable prices. The influential retailer has always put an emphasis on promoting confidence in women by allowing them to wear unique clothing accented with adorable accessories. Regularly updating their online boutique with what’s new and what’s timeless, JustFab is anything but stagnant in the fashion world. Among their biggest announcements to date, however, is their release of JustFab Plus.

The Curvy Fashionista recently discussed the release of the line. The collection offers thirty-five pieces of eye-catching attire for women that carry a little extra beauty. The best part, of course, are the prices that will do anything but break your budget!

In the article, the curvy blogger who people rely on for plus sized news gave mention to a few of her favorite pieces and what they mean for thicker women. Flowy, lightweight dresses, maxi skirts with attractive slits, and miscellaneous denim pieces create the ability to mix and match outfits for every occasion. Miss Curvy herself even said she can see the pieces being “perfect for vacationing and quick getaways.” JustFab had something to say, too.

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“This is only the beginning. We plan to add more styles to our collection throughout the rest of 2016,” said the fashion retailer. It can be said that this collection is such a big move for JustFab simply because it gives attention to women who are often discriminated against. Plus-sized clothing is difficult to find and nearly impossible to make fashionable. As women become more comfortable with themselves and their weight, it is crucial that retailers adapt to meet the demand and overall necessities of the norm. Failure to make clothes for the thicker shopper is not only unjust, but reduces the chance for a business to grow and flourish. Without a doubt, JustFab did it right, and in a stellar way.

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Lime Crime Still Providing Stunning Lipstick Options

Lime Crime and Vibrant Colors for Your Lips
Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere, started out offering a large assortment of beautiful lipstick options. According to their Twitter, all the Lime Crime products are cruelty-free and highly colorful. A large assortment of creative and fun colors are available to order online. Luscious liquids that moisten your lips as they add a stunning appeal. There is typically something new at Lime Crime to pick from. The lips have it all with Lime Crime lipstick options. A small sample of the lipstick selection include the following:

* Pumpkin Velvetine Lipstick
* Trouble Velvetine Liquid Lipstick
* Romance Velvette-Matte Liquid
* Holiday Lipstick options

Lime Crime lipstick options will dazzle you with the large selection. The above samples are only the beginning. Lime Crime is ready to help you celebrate your beauty with some amazing lipstick options that will keep you looking and feeling beautiful. Your lips will look and feel divine.

Exceptional Lipstick Alternatives
Kylie Jennifer had launched her Lip Kits in November. Selling out and running out of stock at this online store is quite common. Fabulous lipsticks are currently the latest trend and style. Creativity with vibrant lip colors are desired and appreciated. Women and teenagers will absolutely indulge themselves with wonderful colors that allow them to show off a little style with stunning color on their lips. If your favorite color is out of stock, you will still have so many great alternatives to choose from. Lipsticks are in abundance. You can enjoy a large assortment of soft matte shades or vivid and bright colors. Show off your beauty with lipsticks that stand out.

Lime Crime Still Fostering Freedom of Expression
Lime Crime Makeup is a brand that fosters freedom of expression. Lipstick colors are bountiful with the Lime Crime selection. You will find more than just lipsticks when you browse through the Lime Crime site. Cruelty-free products foster the freedom to create a stunning style. Enjoy your fabulous creative style with lipsticks that really foster freedom of expression.  Be sure to follow Lime Crime on Facebook, and there’s more information on the blog.

Showing Love to the Dog

When it comes to loving a pet, many people think just being nice to the dog is loving it. However, if the pet is eating low quality dog food, then the health of that pet is going to be limited. Fortunately, there are companies that are making dog food that is more premium. The food that the companies make bear more resemblance to actual food. They also smell and taste like the food that humans eat. Dogs definitely love to eat food that is similar to the food that their owners eat. Fortunately, dogs now have options when it comes to companies that create premium dog food.
Among the companies that create premium dog food is Purina with its Beneful brand of dog food. Beneful is made with real ingredients that could be seen by the dog. There are many different varieties of Beneful dog food like rice and meat. There are other varieties for the dog. The owner could choose from the varieties available at stores. The best way to purchase dog food is from the site. The owner is presented with a lot of other options that he could choose from. There are ingredients and dishes that are not necessarily available at every Wal-Mart store that sells pet food.

Beneful also allows the customer to order online ( and construct his own variety. The company also gives people tips using their official Twitter account on the type of variety to buy their dog based on the type of dog they have. There are some foods that certain dogs can eat that will work well for them compared to other varieties. One thing that is important for dog food is that one is able to know what he is getting. Beneful dog food supplies the information needed for the dog owner so that he can really make sure that the dog stays healthy.

William Skelley: The Next Generation of Real Estate Leadership

Real estate is a very popular industry. There is plenty of reason for that. For one thing, real estate deals with buildings that people need to live in and do business in. Of all the industries to invest in, real estate is one of them. However, it is hard to get into real estate investing. People need upwards of $50,000 for their accounts. Fortunately, William Skelley has brought forth iFunding, a real estate company that is based on the concept of crowd funding. This makes it easier for people to get into real estate investing with a small account minimum of $5,000. As a result, William Skelley has been named as the next generation of real estate leaders.

William Skelley has adopted the concept of real estate investing very early, evidenced by his history. The industry has seen its beginning when the Jobs Act had a ruling of Title II. He then launched iFunding which gives people a platform for investing in real estate even though they don’t have that much capital. iFunding has come to be one of the most well known names in the real estate industry. His company has financed more than 40 projects in real estate. The total value of the financing is over $250 million

iFunding has opened up the real estate investing industry to many people so that they will have a better chance at investing for profits. Real estate investing no longer has to be limited to the wealthy. People of other income levels will have a chance to make the needed investments in order to profit. CrowdFunder shows that William Skelley understands how tricky it could be to save money. He also knows that unforeseen circumstances could make it impossible to save up enough money in order to hold an investment account.

Real Estate Investing is a very profitable form of investing. People invest in property so that they can reap the awards as the price of the property appreciates over time. The value of the home then becomes profitable at some point, and the investors get to enjoy the gains that they have made from their account.  Find William on Twitter, or make sure to read about iFunding on MarketWired.

Halvorssen Explains Why Socialism Does Not Work

Thor Halvorssen, appeared on Fox Business Network’s show “The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan.” Halvorssen is the president and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, which works around the world to advocate for the protection of human rights and transparency in government. He is a widely sought after speaker on various political topics for his knowledge and experience with international issues.


In this interview, Halvorssen was asked to explain why he thinks that socialism can lead to various violations of basic human rights. The context for the interview was that presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has been very vocal on the campaign trail on his opinion that socialist policies could help heal the income inequality problems plaguing the country today. To explain the potential fallout of socialist policies to the public, Halvorssen pointed to the government’s control over price setting and resource distribution in socialist governments. Halvorssen said that this certainly centralizes power with the national government and can lead to a humanitarian crisis rather quickly, if the citizens do not have access to basic resources that they need to survive, such as food and water. Halvorssen reiterated that without the proper checks and balances in place, a socialist government could quickly become too big and powerful for its own good.


Even though that Halvorssen ( had cautionary words for the socialist policies being promoted by Bernie Sanders, he said that he is much more concerned about the potential of Hillary Clinton becoming president. Halvorssen said this is because Clinton has been proven to have received financial support from various dictatorships and authoritarian leaders from around the world. Halvorssen has serious concerns about her ability to protect human rights around the world as the potential leader of the free world, given that she has links to dangerous regimes, which Halvorssen says execute their own citizens for being gay or speaking out against government abuses. For these reasons, Halvorssen made the largest financial contribution allowable for an individual under U.S. campaign finance laws to the Sanders presidential campaign. Halvorssen continues to tirelessly support human rights and civil liberties around the world.

Beneful Reflects The Rise Of Premium Brand Dog Foods

Pet food sales are understandably consistently high. Dogs have to eat. Owners buy cans and bags of food in abundance. This is not surprising in the least. What is surprising, however, is the amount of money spent on premium dog foods. The Daily Herald reports a massive percentage (45%) of the $23.7 billion dog food industry goes towards premium selections.

Premium dog food is, essentially, gourmet dog food. This is not just a marketing tactic. The dog food is made with top ingredients and cooked in a very special way in order to ensure the highest levels of taste an quality.

Purina is one of the biggest pet food companies in the world. PurinaStore has released its own line of premium dog food in the form of Beneful. Beneful wet food selections show there is a seriousness thought that goes into the making of the choices for pets and their owners. Beneful has also a line of Dry dog food:

Mediterranean Style Medley is a perfect example of the brilliantly unique selections offered through the Beneful line. The ingredients in Beneful selection include lamb, brown rice, tomatoes, and spinach. Fats, carbs, antioxidants, and vitamins are all present and accounted for in this particular recipe. Clearly, this is a lot different than numerous other choices on the market.

The Daily Herald articles goes into great depth regarding just how premium pet foods are made. The work that goes into the process is far more involved than many realize. The selection of the ingredients is carefully planned as is their harvest. Similarly, the cooking process requires a lot of work. No “rush jobs” are performed with getting the food prepared. Premium really does mean premium.

And sales are surging as a result of all this extra work. Quality products do get the attention of those looking for something special in their purchases.

Retailers want to meet customer demands and needs. This is why premium brands are so easy to find at major retail stores. A corporate decision was made to keep them in stock and available to consumers. Retailers are meeting the strong demand of those who are seeking to make purchases.



How White Shark Media Helps Small Businesses

Advertising is difficult. You need to consider the differences between inbound and outbound marketing. Many business owners also worry about competing businesses undercutting them. When you have a bit of success, you become a target. If another business in your industry is concerned that you are acquiring their customers, they will compete with you.

They may offer to match your prices. Marketing can be stressful and has a lot of challenges. Shopify has said that this is particularly true of digital marketing. Small business owners who do not know how to navigate through these challenges have turned to White Shark Media.
As a digital marketing agency who has established a reputation among small business owners, White Shark Media has come a long way. They have developed their services throughout the years, overcoming their flaws and listening to what their customers have to say.

Entrepreneurs know that when they come to White Shark Media, they are dealing with a company who cares about their interests. In fact, the White Shark Media philosophy is to treat the company that the client owns as if it were their own company. It is to that end that they offer a catalog of services.


Throughout the years, TopSEOs shows that White Shark Media has overcome adversity and answered customer complaints. This is quite rare. Many people complain that corporations do not hear what they have to say. They do not care about the customer. But White Shark Media has listened to their customer reviews. That is why they have completely reconstructed their customer service procedures. While they may have struggled with communication in the past, it is now one of their strengths. During an AdWords campaign, they will provide a detailed report for their client so that they know the trajectory of their campaign.

Mobile Marketing

The mobile device is quickly becoming the primary mode of browsing the internet. Many people will even use an upscale tablet as their primary device. Some experts have suggested that within a few years, mobile devices will have completely replaced laptops. But marketing to users on a mobile device will come with a few complications that need to be addressed. It is not something one can learn without any education. That is why White Shark Media offers mobile marketing services. Small business owners that want to expand and ride the wave of the future put their trust in White Shark Media.

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Claims About Soros’ Campaign Contributions Proven False

Politifact recently investigated and reported on claims coming from pro-Cruz tv ads now airing on some television stations about billionaire investor George Soros on politifact bankrolling Republican nominee hopeful John Kasich’s presidential campaign. Anyone interested can view the video of the ad right above the article explaining how false the ad’s claims about Soros really are.

The article explains that the ad would have viewers believe that there is an underhanded left wing conspiracy to bolster Kasich’s presidential campaign, with George Soros at the helm. Alhtough the ad spells out in bold print under a pictures merged together of Soros and Kasich that Kasich has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars form Soros, Politifact shows that these claims are entirely false. What is even more troubling is that the tv ads are specifically designed to confuse voters with manipulated information on

When Politifact actually investigated the donor list for the John Kasich super PAC, New Day for America, that is mentioned in the ad, it found no direct connection to George Soros. Further to this point, there is no evidence that Soros himself either donated directly to Kasich’s campaign as an individual donor or to his super PAC. The only ties that the ad could conceivably make between Kasich and Soros is that two individuals who used to work with George Soros made individual contributions to the New Day for America super PAC. These individuals are Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller. Bessent formerly worked as a chief investment officer for the Soros Fund Management, which is owned by Soros. Bessent is listed on the donor roll of the New Day for America super PAC as contributing $200,000 individually. The other individual donor to New Day for America, Druckenmiller, who has a strained link to Soros, at best, managed several assets for Soros for two years from 1998 to 2000. Hardly a lifelong best friend, Druckenmiller is not intimately tied to Soros’ political or social network and has actually been a lifelong supporter of Republican candidates and their causes. Indeed, Bessent also has a long personal history of donating to Republican candidates and their super PACs, including Jeb Bush and the Republican National Committee.

Far from a supporter of any Republican candidate on, Soros has a storied history of supporting liberal causes and Democratic candidates. In fact, this campaign cycle he has been very open and pubic about his donations to the Hillary Clinton super PAC. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Soros is orchestrating some sort of conspiracy, which is part of the reason why at least three television stations in Wisconsin have pulled the pro-Cruz ad so far. Politifact confidently declares that there is absolutely no truth to the pro-Cruz’s ad claims that Soros is linked to Kasich.

An Honest Review of Wen by Chaz

For years, WEN by Chaz has been touted as the next greatest thing when it comes to hair care products. At first, people couldn’t believe what they were hearing when he was telling people not to shampoo their hair, but merely to use Wen to clean and condition their hair while styling it at the same time. However, this was something that quickly caught on and many people started using it. That doesn’t change the fact that there are still those skeptical individuals out there that really want to try it, yet are not willing to spend the money on it until they know for sure that it works.

This is where comes in. In a recap of an original article listed at, one brave young woman made the decision to buy on amazon and try it for herself and then chronicle her experiences with the product by both writing an article about it and showing her hair daily in an updated photograph. Just by looking at the pictures alone, it is obvious that she is doing something dramatically different with her hair from about day 3 forward. More importantly, she herself noticed a change in her hair, as did those around her.

She points out that her hair has always been somewhat difficult to manage, largely because of its fine and delicate nature. She mentioned that while using the sephora sold Wen product her hair was much fuller and she looked like she had far more hair than she really did. With that being said, she also pointed out that anyone that decides to use the product should be prepared to take daily showers in the morning because the product has a tendency to make the hair somewhat oily otherwise. This is not necessarily a negative comment, but merely an honest review of what she experienced.

When it was all said and done, she admitted that WEN is the product she would probably use again. More specifically, she mentioned that it would probably be a good idea to use it on the days when her hair is exceptionally dry and listless so she can get more body and added volume.