Recode Reports On FreedomPop’s SIM

A story that first came out in Recode is showing that people are going to be able to get online for free once they buy into FreedomPop’s SIM network. Everyone who makes the purchase of $49.99 at first and $99.99 after that will be able to use the system when they need to. They are going to be able to use the system when they are traveling, and they are going to be in a much better position to get work done.

Getting work done can be kind of hard because people are not anywhere near a good signal. They want to show that people can get the signal they need anywhere they want, and it is going to be a lot easier for people to get help with their computing online. Someone can do work in a remote place, or they can use it in a new office that does not have Internet access.

FreedomPop is pulling all the networks it can together in the US and the UK to make the SIM work, and they are raising money to bring even more countries into it. This is very important because it is the only way for people to get online if they really need it. They could be in a position where they are going to be able to still work. Everyone who is working online has to have a better way of getting online even if they are using a cell phone. FreedomPop does offer cell phones, but now they are branching out into places where people can get access even without a phone. The global SIM hotspot is going to work for all users when they are in a pinch, and FreedomPop is becoming the best company for helping people get online around the world.

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The Benefits Of Wen

If you’re looking for a hair transformation, you may want to try Wen hair cleansing conditioners. Wen is a haircare product line, created by Chaz Dean ( who wanted to help women achieve the hair results they hoped for. With formulas for every type of hair, this all in one formula washes, conditions and acts as a styling treatment to reduce hair prep time. While doing all of this, it also transforms your hair into shinier, healthier and softer hair. One woman proves this theory in a recent article featured on
While she struggled in the beginning to realize that it’s best used in the morning before you go about your day, once she did it opened a whole new door. On top of the volume she had seen in the beginning, her hair had just the right amount of shine and was super soft. Her peers and friends were noticing a big difference and even when finished styling, you can see how much healthier and bouncier her hair is after using Wen’s cleansing conditioner. To read more about her experiment and see the fab results visit:

The author of this article definitely had great results and made it clear that Wen can really transform hair and make it easier to manage as well. If you’re looking to minimize styling time and want softer, shinier, healthier hair, Ebay will have a formula of WEN Hair products for you and your hair type. Don’t waste anymore time- indulge in what the celebrities use everytime their hair is styled by the great professional hairstylist, Chaz Dean.

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Sanjay Shah – Solo Capital rises to the millions

Sanjay Shah has dedicated much of his life to creating successful companies that have allowed him a stupendous amount of financial stability. Creating success wasn’t something that comes overnight, but it was a trial and error type of environment, and a lot of hard work and dedication. Host Eric Dye captures the interview podcast with philanthropist and entrepreneur, Sanjay Shah, where he tells about some of his ventures and strategies to be recognized when it comes to being a successful businessman. He relays that it’s not something one individual can always do on their own. It’s something that you have to get help with and not completely rely on one thing or one person. He is responsible for the successful investment firm called Solo Capital. It has blossomed to a very high income in a matter of years and has reached the million dollar mark quickly. It is a successful proprietary investment and consulting firm that he started after quitting his job in the world of accounting.

He worked as an accountant for many years, earning his wages through different banking systems and financial firms. He owned many companies before started Solo Capital, but Solo Capital took off rather quickly. They now have over thirty nine operating offices in the surrounding areas of London and Dubai. The success has allowed Shah to take a back seat to the business and in a sense, retire, allowing his corporate officials and business partners to help keep Solo Capital running. Shah has now been able to really focus his efforts on an area that is near and dear to his heart. It’s called a charity by the name of Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks was created in efforts to raise money to help aid in research for the neurological condition that affects so many people today. More diagnosis’ are being made every day, and more families along with patients, are learning how to cope with the condition. Shah has created an invite only, concert based performance, to help raise money for the charity. He hopes to better understand the condition and help others along the way.


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D.A. George Gascon Continue To Receive Fire

When serving as police chief, George Gascon, San Francisco’s crusading DA, lacked concern about Police Department diversity, going ahead to make few racially disparaging remarks fueled by alcohol during a night out with union leaders. These are some of the assertions contained in Gary Delagnes’ sworn declaration. Delagnes is the former Police Officers Association’s President. The declaration was submitted to a blue-ribbon task force that was set up by Gascon to investigate allegations of homophobia and racism in the police department.


Delagnes made his submission eight days after the appearance of George Gascon before the panel. He testified that the police union normally influenced the ability of a police chief or a Police Commission to effectuate reform. Delagnes was on the force for 25 years and served as the Police Officers Association’s President for nine years before his 2013 retirement.


In recounting a 2010 dinner with Gascon, Martin Halloran, the current POA President, and another union representative, he narrated how Gascon was drinking heavily. Gascon then began reminiscing about the time he had spent with the LAPD and made several statements that disparaged minorities. He ended up becoming loud and animated that he was approached by an African-American patron requesting him to restrain himself as he was offending the patron’s family.


During an interview, the account given by Delagnes was backed by Halloran. However, neither Delagnes nor Halloran gave specifics. Halloran pointed out that the declaration spoke for itself. Alex Bastian of the DA’s office failed to directly respond to the charges by Delagnes and other assertions in the documents when he was presented with a copy of Delagnes’ sworn declaration. Bastian’s only comment was that whatever Delagnes lacked in credibility he made up for in imagination.


According to a statement by Delagnes, he decided to come forward after reading what Gascon had told the blue-ribbon panel. Gascon stated to the panel that he expressed more worry about the state of the Police Department at the time than he was between 2009 and 2011 when he served as Police Chief. According to Delagnes, Gascon had several issues with the rank and file or the union leaders during his tenure of running the department.

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Madison Street Capital Recap

Madison Street Capital: Choosing A Reputable Investment Banking Firm

Looking for information about investment banking? Want to learn more about Madison Street Capital and their wide variety of investment and financial solutions they provide?

Madison Street Capital is a highly reputable international investment banking firm with excellent leadership. The firm is committed to rendering the highest quality service in the industry and has numerous positive reviews from both past and current clients.

When you have decided to get investment advice or guidance, it’s imperative that you go with a reputable investment advisor or firm. Although there are many companies out there offering investment and financial services advice, it’s not a good idea to just pick company or advisor you find on the Internet. Do your research and consider the credentials and background of anyone who claims to be an investment adviser or financial services provider. Reading reviews posted by former and current clients of an investment services provider, is a great way to identify reliable firms.

Madison Street Capital believes in honesty, integrity and transparency and encourages its team of professionals to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Madison Street Capital comes highly recommended when it comes to providing merger and acquisition expertise, corporate financial advisory services, valuation services, and financial opinions to publicly and privately held companies. These services position their clients to attain success in the global marketplace.

When signing up a new client or undertaking each new project, Madison Street Capital makes it a top priority to develop strategies to meet the client’s needs effectively. From successful capital raises and financial advisory to M&A transactions to transfers of ownership, this reputable firm uses their great expertise and industry connections to ensure that the clients reach their goals and objectives. Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of companies, corporations, institutions and individual clients around the world through their unwavering dedication to top notch service.

To learn more about Madison Street Capital and the vast range of services they provide in the industry, simply have a look around their website. If you have any question, get in touch with them and they will get back to you promptly.

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WEN by Chaz is a Revolutionary Hair Care System

Most people have seen facebook advertisements for WEN by Chaz. One woman decided to see if the hair care product would perform the way it does in the advertisements. To let other people know about her experience, she decided to write a journal describing the results she received each day she used the product. The young woman chose to upload the journal she wrote to an online site called Bustle. She was looking to improve the condition of her normally dull hair by adding some bounce and shine. In addition to the descriptions provided for each day she used WEN by Chaz, she also included color photos so people could see the results for themselves. In the end she did find the product worked in adding more bounce and shine to her hair, with the added benefit of making it more manageable.
Choosing to Make a Difference

The Wen line of products was created by Chaz Dean, as a way to improve the traditional way people cleansed their hair. Rather than creating another shampoo, Mr. Dean set out to create a complete cleansing system that would replace most of the hair care products people used. This choice was based on Mr. Dean’s own experience working in a prestigious California salon. Not only did Chaz Dean create a superior cleansing product, but he also created one that would help restore damaged hair.

According to, the popularity of the WEN line can be seen in the increased clientele Chaz Dean serves in his Hollywood salon. WEN has become the product of choice by many professionals in the field of beauty and fashion. Designed to work on all hair types and textures, the specially formulated varieties offered in the WEN line can help people control frizzy hair, add moisture to dry hair and increase fullness in limp hair.

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The Successful Career Of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was the founder of CCMP Capital. In 2006, CCMP Capital sought to avert conflicts with JP Morgan Chase and Co. through a spun out. Born and raised in New York, Murray rose to become a successful entrepreneur. He attended Sleepy Hollow High School. The graduate of Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in economics worked for large corporations before founding CCMP Capital. Murray pursued his MBA at the prestigious Columbia University.

Immediately after graduation in 1984, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company employed Murray. Here, the young Stephen served as a credit trainee. Owing to his stewardship and prudent management skills, Murray climbed through the ladder to become the company’s vice president.

It is proper to assert that Murray served JP Morgan Partners, Chemical Ventures partners and Chase Capital Partners in different investment capacities.

In 1989, Stephen Murray was recruited to the unit in charge of leveraged finance and private equity at Manufacturers Hannover Company. This unit was known as MH Equity Corporation. It is imperative to note that Chemical bank purchased Manufacturers Hannover in 1991. Manufacturers Hanover was affiliated to JP Morgan.
Murray played a pivotal role in enhancing the investment portfolio of CCMP.

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During his tenure, he focused on the manufacturing, distribution and industrial services sectors. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Murray was also a cheerful giver. He supported different charities. These charities include the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New York, Food Bank of the Lower Fairfield County, various institutions of learning and the Stamford Museum. It is significant to point out that Murray supported these initiatives through his prudent leadership and donations. Read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

Murray served on the board at Boston College as well as on Make-A-Wish Foundation’s council. In addition, Murray served on the boards of The Vitamin Shoppe, AMC entertainment, Carbela’s and Warner Chilcott companies. Before his demise, he was serving on the boards of Jetro JMDH Holdings, Infogroup Inc, Octagon credit investors, LHP Hospital Group, Strongwood insurance holdings, Ollie’s bargain outlet and Crestcom International. Read more: A History of CCMP Capital And Its Founding CEO Stephen Murray

At one time, Murray was asked about the success of CCMP in fundraising efforts without the involvement of JP Morgan, Latin America and venture capital. Murray responded by saying that despite facing many questions regarding the company’s track record, the fundraising was successful.

He asserted that CCMP’s registered impressive results in terms of strategy, capabilities and differentiation. Through Murray’s efforts, CCMP was able to raise 80% of the capital from outside investors. This situation resulted in an increase of new relationships within a short period.

The Curvy Fashionista is Excited About JustFab Plus

JustFab has always been responsible for delivering statement-making clothing at affordable prices. The influential retailer has always put an emphasis on promoting confidence in women by allowing them to wear unique clothing accented with adorable accessories. Regularly updating their online boutique with what’s new and what’s timeless, JustFab is anything but stagnant in the fashion world. Among their biggest announcements to date, however, is their release of JustFab Plus.

The Curvy Fashionista recently discussed the release of the line. The collection offers thirty-five pieces of eye-catching attire for women that carry a little extra beauty. The best part, of course, are the prices that will do anything but break your budget!

In the article, the curvy blogger who people rely on for plus sized news gave mention to a few of her favorite pieces and what they mean for thicker women. Flowy, lightweight dresses, maxi skirts with attractive slits, and miscellaneous denim pieces create the ability to mix and match outfits for every occasion. Miss Curvy herself even said she can see the pieces being “perfect for vacationing and quick getaways.” JustFab had something to say, too.

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“This is only the beginning. We plan to add more styles to our collection throughout the rest of 2016,” said the fashion retailer. It can be said that this collection is such a big move for JustFab simply because it gives attention to women who are often discriminated against. Plus-sized clothing is difficult to find and nearly impossible to make fashionable. As women become more comfortable with themselves and their weight, it is crucial that retailers adapt to meet the demand and overall necessities of the norm. Failure to make clothes for the thicker shopper is not only unjust, but reduces the chance for a business to grow and flourish. Without a doubt, JustFab did it right, and in a stellar way.

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Lime Crime Still Providing Stunning Lipstick Options

Lime Crime and Vibrant Colors for Your Lips
Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere, started out offering a large assortment of beautiful lipstick options. According to their Twitter, all the Lime Crime products are cruelty-free and highly colorful. A large assortment of creative and fun colors are available to order online. Luscious liquids that moisten your lips as they add a stunning appeal. There is typically something new at Lime Crime to pick from. The lips have it all with Lime Crime lipstick options. A small sample of the lipstick selection include the following:

* Pumpkin Velvetine Lipstick
* Trouble Velvetine Liquid Lipstick
* Romance Velvette-Matte Liquid
* Holiday Lipstick options

Lime Crime lipstick options will dazzle you with the large selection. The above samples are only the beginning. Lime Crime is ready to help you celebrate your beauty with some amazing lipstick options that will keep you looking and feeling beautiful. Your lips will look and feel divine.

Exceptional Lipstick Alternatives
Kylie Jennifer had launched her Lip Kits in November. Selling out and running out of stock at this online store is quite common. Fabulous lipsticks are currently the latest trend and style. Creativity with vibrant lip colors are desired and appreciated. Women and teenagers will absolutely indulge themselves with wonderful colors that allow them to show off a little style with stunning color on their lips. If your favorite color is out of stock, you will still have so many great alternatives to choose from. Lipsticks are in abundance. You can enjoy a large assortment of soft matte shades or vivid and bright colors. Show off your beauty with lipsticks that stand out.

Lime Crime Still Fostering Freedom of Expression
Lime Crime Makeup is a brand that fosters freedom of expression. Lipstick colors are bountiful with the Lime Crime selection. You will find more than just lipsticks when you browse through the Lime Crime site. Cruelty-free products foster the freedom to create a stunning style. Enjoy your fabulous creative style with lipsticks that really foster freedom of expression.  Be sure to follow Lime Crime on Facebook, and there’s more information on the blog.

Showing Love to the Dog

When it comes to loving a pet, many people think just being nice to the dog is loving it. However, if the pet is eating low quality dog food, then the health of that pet is going to be limited. Fortunately, there are companies that are making dog food that is more premium. The food that the companies make bear more resemblance to actual food. They also smell and taste like the food that humans eat. Dogs definitely love to eat food that is similar to the food that their owners eat. Fortunately, dogs now have options when it comes to companies that create premium dog food.
Among the companies that create premium dog food is Purina with its Beneful brand of dog food. Beneful is made with real ingredients that could be seen by the dog. There are many different varieties of Beneful dog food like rice and meat. There are other varieties for the dog. The owner could choose from the varieties available at stores. The best way to purchase dog food is from the site. The owner is presented with a lot of other options that he could choose from. There are ingredients and dishes that are not necessarily available at every Wal-Mart store that sells pet food.

Beneful also allows the customer to order online ( and construct his own variety. The company also gives people tips using their official Twitter account on the type of variety to buy their dog based on the type of dog they have. There are some foods that certain dogs can eat that will work well for them compared to other varieties. One thing that is important for dog food is that one is able to know what he is getting. Beneful dog food supplies the information needed for the dog owner so that he can really make sure that the dog stays healthy.