Securus Technologies Expects Integrity From Fellow Carriers

I recently read a report from Securus Technologies on their website. According to the report that is dated from June of this year, Securus Technologies is alleging wrongdoings from Global Tel Link (GTL) that date back to 1998. The company says in this press release that it will be publishing a series of articles that will describe how GTL has done wrong and has breached integrity.

The press release quotes Securus Technology’s CEO, Richard A. Smith. He says that he enjoys what his company does. They serve the Department of Corrections and all those who are involved, says the article. Smith displays his disappointment for how GTL has acted in a way that is beneath the standards of integrity for communication carriers. He states that his company is more concerned with serving its customers ethically than just making money.

In the press release, six different GTL infractions were reported to the Louisiana authorities. Securus Technology alleges that GTL added as much as 36 seconds to each inmate call, which is unlawful and unauthorized, says the article. The company also says that GTL made its phones charge higher rates than is authorized. Another allegation is that the phone bills were falsely inflated. There are allegations of double billing that cost the Louisiana taxpayers over a million dollars, says the article.

Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, TX. They serve over 3000 different public safety and correction departments. They also provide communications and monitoring products. This company prides itself in focusing on customer care in the right way. They have a full line of criminal and civil justice technology solutions.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Michael Zomber Collects Antique Swords and Guns

Few people have a passion for collecting that is as great as Michael Zomber. He has gathered an amazing collection of both antique firearms and samurai swords that has made many other collectors very jealous. It took him many years to put such a collection together. He is very proud of it. However, Michael did not set out to be a collector of ancient weapons. He has said that he thought his life would turn out very differently.

English and psychology were the two subjects that Michael majored in while he was in college. He was not exactly sure what career path he wanted to take. However, he figured that having a pair of degrees would open many doors for him. He completed both of those degrees and then went on to graduate school to get an English literature Master’s degree. He then realized that he did not want to spend the rest of his life working at a typical full-time job like most people. He wanted to do something that was more fulfilling to him. He then focused his lifelong love for movies into writing a screenplay. This turned out to be a documentary about samurai culture and what it was like to be one of those warriors back in the times of feudal Japan.

He went to a gun show and found himself quickly addicted to old guns. He began to study them and soon became one of the foremost authorities on the subject of antique guns. His collection began to grow and Michael attended various auctions to buy specific guns that he was looking for. He would also place bids over the phone for auctions that were in foreign countries. He started to receive requests to give lectures about the history of guns at trade shows and other events where gun collectors would gather.

Michael has participated in various TV programs. He has been interviewed by some of the biggest networks and lent his expertise to the production of numerous documentaries. He now spends much of his time performing charitable acts and helping people who are less fortunate.  Be sure to follow along on Facebook.

Does Wen by Chaz Dean Do All that is Promised?

Chaz Dean is currently the most popular hair stylist in Hollywood. His infomercials on several cable networks display one of his often-used products he calls WEN Hair by Chaz Dean. His private life is kept very private, but his celebrity fame is celebrated by both male and female users of his hair care products. It is said he is passionate about hair care and spends much of his time experimenting with products in an effort to discover “magic” for problem hair, or just healthy on the infomercials all have luscious, healthy hair and claim that is thanks to using the Wen product faithfully.
Wen, as it is marketed is a combination shampoo, conditioner and styling product. Already a bonus if you typically buy these separately as shampoo, conditioner, mousse, mega gel or texturing paste for style, heat protectant, and hair spray to hold it all together. Wen is made from natural ingredients, such as soy protein, oils and extracts that are said to be good for your hair.

Amazon reviews claim to feel the product working the first time, especially those with long, thin hair. Even continuing use of a hot blow dryer after massaging the Wen product through, hair seems to have more bounce and shine than before using Wen. One new user to the Wen hair care products gave it a seven-day trial and details indicate that after seven continuous days of using the product, the results were stunning. It is a product that works best when used every day, but the results of healthier, shiner, and more manageable hair are worth using in the morning shower.

Special blends have been developed by Chaz for the best summer hair care, these blends are sold at sephora. Honey Peach, Mango Coconut, and Sweet Almond Mint work for all hair types and styles. The Tea Tree formula is made for nourishing and healing hair and scalp. Fig and Cucumber Aloe are good for hair that tends to be oily. Lavender will give volume to your hair; Pomegranate and Bamboo Green Tea are gluten-free for those who might react to wheat products.

The Mandarin Italian Fig blend uses the Four Tea formula along with Chaz’s Bamboo Water Complex which is made to protect, restore, and strengthen any hair type. If flowery scented products are not for you, Wen also makes a few “fragrance free” options, called Sixthirteen and Threenineteen that combines those same Four Teas, oils and extracts that nourish hair, while adding no artificial fragrance. To top off the line of products, Wen hair by Chaz Dean offers a Wen Kids and a Wen Men Hair and Body Cleansing formula.
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Igor Cornelsen has 3 pieces of Advice for Investors

People that want to make profitable investments would do good to pay attention tot he advice that they would get from people that have went before them and succeeded. Igor Cornelsen is one of the successful investors. He understands the many different aspects of successful investing. He is also willing to share with others that are looking to break into the industry and build a successful portfolio for themselves. As of right now, he has three tips that will help people that are looking to build up enough profits for financial prosperity. These tips are sure to help investors make the right choices for assets to invest in.

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Igor Cornelsen – Colorado, Bainbridge Investments

Igor Cornelsen – JusBrasil

Among the tips that Igor Cornelsen offers are to build connections, be prepared for challenges and know the restrictions of the currency. There are a lot of surprises that are waiting for the new investor which is why these tips are some of the most important. Connecting with the natives is a really good way to make some good investments because Brazil is one of the most social areas in the world. Businesses are built on networking and actually connecting with people.

Red tape is one of the issues that investors have to look at. One thing they don’t want is to break regulations in the Brazilian market. The growing Brazilian economy is still fragile. Therefore, a lot of regulations are placed in effect to keep it from crumbling. It is important to know the regulations that are put in effect on the market. For foreign businesses, it is important to know of any banks that handle foreign currency. That way, owners of international businesses can be sure to handle business with the right exchange rate depending on the country. Igor Cornelsen’s tips will help people achieve greater levels of success than they could imagine.

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Homeowners Special Insurance Issues is Discussed by Richard Blair

Many homeowners get involved in renting out a portion or all of their homes to travelers, for short term stays. They do this through Airbnb. It helps homeowners to increase their cash flow and help pay for their property. There are a number of issues to consider when doing this, though. You should look at your homeowners’ insurance policy to see if it covers damage done to your home by the short term guests. Many policies will not cover this. This could cost you a lot more than you make by renting to them. If they are involved in illegal activities while in your home, you could also have legal problems. If your guests damage your neighbor’s property, you could be held liable.

It is recommended that you speak to someone who understands the specifics of insurance and wealth and investment management. Richard Blair, of Wealth Solutions, Inc. can give you expert advice on how to handle insurance and investment questions. He can give you the right advice on how to proceed in a number of financial situations

Who is Richard Blair?

Richard is the owner and head of Wealth Solutions, an Austin, Texas based company. He has been involved in the securities industry for over 22 years. He provides financial planning and investment services for high net worth clients. His expertise is in the area of estate planning, financial planning, asset protection and employee benefits, with over $55 million under management.

Richard Blair is a registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. He earned his title as Certified Financial Planner as well. This means he has taken extensive training and exams in financial matters, allowing him to provide quality advice to his clients. He uses his experience and knowledge to help his clients make the best decisions while accomplishing their financial goals.

Immediately after graduating from college, he got involved in the financial industry. He started his own company in 1994, and has building it larger and larger ever since. Richard is a registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. He earned his title as Certified Financial Planner as well. This means he has taken extensive training and exams in financial matters, allowing him to provide quality advice to his clients.

Stephen Murray: A Legendary Leader

When graduating from college or university, it is rather difficult to imagine remaining with the same company for the entirety of a career and soon becoming a crucial part of the company’s growth; however, this is exactly how Stephen “Steve” Murray would spend his career as a private equity investor.

Despite Possssing more than enough talent to begin a company of his own, Stephen Murray‘s dedication to a company he believed in has earned him the title of legendary CEO.

After receiving his undergraduate degree in Economics from Boston College in 1984, Murray was hired as a trainee for an analyst training program with Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust Corporation. In 1989, Murray received his Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia Business School; he would also successfully complete the analyst training program that same year.

Soon after, he became an employee with MH Equity, which was a product of Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust and a financial unit. Read more: This Old Thing? Private Equity Honcho Drops Little Place Uptown for $11M and Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away

In 1991, less than two years after the merger, Murray again moved forward with MH Equity when the company merged with Chemical Venture Partners. Murray continued showing his dedication throughout the years as the firm would finally become CCMP Capital after years of hard work and dedication – Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Stephen Murray’s hard work and dedication did not stop at the end of the work day. As a man who cared for and wished success in the lives of others, he was a regular contributor and board member for foundations such as Make-A_Wish Foundation, Stamford Museum, and the Fairfield county food bank in Connecticut.

Murray’s life and career was cut tragically short when he passed away at the age of fifty two in 2015. Although he is no longer here to continue dedicating himself to the work he enjoyed, his example of perseverance and dedication to those who matter will continue living on in his legacy.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

U.S. Weighs in on Venezuela Recall

A rather surprising development has recently emerged, in a report by El Venezolano calls it in the almost soap operatic events surrounding Venezuela’s presidential recall referendum. The United States is no longer staying neutral in the matter. The U.S. is backing the recall referendum of embattled Presient Nicolas Maduro.
The response from Venezuela is to call the move by the U.S. “international bullying”.

While the recall referendum could remove Maduro from power, Maduro may very well win the referendum and remain in office. No one knows how the referendum will play out since it would be many months away before the event take place.

The motives by the United States in the matter are not fully known, says expert Osio. Likely, Washington is concerned over the meltdown of Venezuela and how a collapse could drag other nations into the disaster. A collapse of Venezuela could trigger a global economic calamity, and Nicolas Maduro has not exactly shown much competency as of late.

The economy in Venezuela has reached catastrophic levels. Food is now extremely short in supply and deadly riots have broken out across the country as a result. Unless something drastic is done to reverse the country’s current course, things are only going to get worse.

The United States has also asked the government of Venezuela to respect the rights of its citizens. Under Venezuela’s Constitution, the people do have a right to a recall election. It would be improper for the government to try and block such things.

Slyce Is Reinventing Smartphone Shopping With Image Recognition Technology

Image recognition technology has taken off in the last two years, most likely because it offers retailers the chance to offer consumers exactly what they want right away. The technology encourages impulse purchases by allowing people to snap an image of something they see that they want, and then buy the product online. Image recognition technology has many purposes, however, online retailers utilize most of the apps using this technology.

Slyce is one company using visual search technology to offer retailers solutions for finding products that they see on the street, but Slyce also lets consumers snap images of products that they see in a magazine or on a billboard. Slyce usually recognizes the image and returns results within 15 seconds, before consumers have time to change their mind. If a retailer does not have an exact match for the item, Slyce finds similar items in the retailer’s catalogue.

Not all visual search technologies provide a seamless shopping experience, but Slyce’s technology is one of the best, as evidenced by the retailers who choose it. Shoe Carnival is the latest retailer to use Slyce’s visual product search platform to help customers find the shoes that they are searching for in the retailer’s extensive product line. Neiman Marcus and Urban Outfitters also use Slyce’s technology to empower shoppers.

Image recognition technology has many other uses besides shopping, including medical and scientific uses; however, most people’s first experience with the technology is through the retail realm. With companies like Slyce reinventing smartphone shopping by making it easier for consumers to buy what they want easily, we should see even more retailers make use of image recognition technologies. Easy mobile shopping has been called a top marketing trend for 2016, and the shopping is going to be powered by visual search technology.

Corporations Pulling Investments in Venezuela Amid Economic Crisis

Coca-Cola has announced it will be ceasing operations in Venezuela temporarily due to a shortage of sugar. However, Coca-Cola is not the only company ending their investments in Venezuela. Empresas Polar, the country’s largest brewer, announced on CorporationWiki they will be closing facilities due to a barley shortage. Bridgestone Tires, Ford Motor Co., Proctor & Gamble and Halliburton are also jumping ship on their Venezuelan investments. Additionally, German airline Lufthansa and Latin America’s largest airline, Latam, began ending flight service to Venezuela amid a deepening economic crisis.
Venezuela is in the midst of a serious economic downturn stemming from a worldwide drop in petroleum prices. Petroleum makes up 50% of the country’s GDP and 95% of its exports. As investors leave, many citizens are waiting hours in long lines just to buy food and basic necessities for their families. Food and raw materials are not the only things in short supply either. Many Venezuelans like Norka are going without medical treatment because the medicine they need is unavailable. Even electricity is scarce as blackouts roll across cities.

The crisis has shown no signs of slowing with inflation expected to reach 1,200% in the coming months. Currently, 100 bolivars, the largest denomination Venezuelan bank note, is only worth about 10 cents in US dollars. As citizens suffer long lines and shortages, President Nicolas Maduro faces increasing criticism with many citizens calling for him to be removed from office.

Kyle Bass Sees Crisis Coming to China

Kyle Bass, a hedge fund manager who predicted the 2008 subprime financial collapse, thinks there’s a 40-50% chance the United States economy will go into a minor recession next year. He also believes that Hillary Clinton would be better for the economy than Donald Trump, even though Trump has got way more business experience than Clinton.

Bass has also issued a warning on China during the interview on Fox Business Network. However, he doesn’t believe China will go through a collapse similar to Lehman Brothers, an event that had led to the crisis in 2008. But, what’s happening to China is a rapid decrease in growth, and people are moving back to rural areas from cities, something Bass called a reverse migration.

“So I don’t know what metrics or how you define hard landing, but they’re already right in the middle of a hard landing,” he claimed. Overall, he thinks there has to be a crisis in China, as no country can grow forever without pausing.

He also expressed his concerns about negative real interest rates and large national debt. Eventually, it will end badly, but he didn’t set a time frame as to when it will happen.

Low interest rates and potential new banking problems are making people feel uncomfortable. If people earn very low interest rates on their deposits and also have to pay taxes, they’re not making any money as returns become negative. So, according to Bass, this explains increased interest in gold. The yellow metal, though, trades at around $1,200 per Troy ounce, nearly 40% off its high of five years ago.

While running his hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management, Bass has made some controversial moves. He’s had shorted shares of pharmaceutical companies (basically, betting on their declines), and then sued these companies over patent infringements.

Still, Bass is one of those hedge fund managers investors pay attention to, even though his performance hasn’t been spectacular lately.