Talk Fusion: Bringing Enhancements To Email

One thing that could be said for Bob Reina is that he had a vision when it came to internet technology. One of the visions he had was centered on email. Email is one of these technologies that people used to communicate with one another. However, there is one thing about email. One could only send text messages with email. Therefore, one had to be willing to read through tons of text in order to get the message that was being sent to him. While a lot of people were happy enough with this feature, there were some people who have seen a vision of things getting a lot better.


Bob Reina has envisioned a feature called video email. This is one feature that a lot of people said was impossible. However, Bob Reina knew better than anyone that anything was possible. After all, many of the inventions were considered possible. All it took was a creative and open mind in order to make things happen. This is exactly what Bob Reina had when he was thinking about Talk Fusion. Of course, he went through some procedures and processes in order to make this software happen for people.


Bob Reina has come up with a solution to this video email issue and has named it Talk Fusion. This solution has come to be the multi-purpose software. People are able to use Talk Fusion for marketing as well as chatting. This feature has come to be such a innovation that Talk Fusion was given the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This shows that the product that Bob Reina has come up with is something that is worth checking out. In order to let people see for themselves how well this product works, he has decided to give people a 30 day free trial.

How Evolution of Smooth Beat Out the Competition

It is never easy for a new company to make it in a market dominated by established companies. In an online article Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller recount the method they used to gain a foothold in the lip balm industry. Even though they had designed their product to be different than the products currently on the market, they still had a long way to go to get their lip balm into stores. While some buyers viewed the spheres used to package Evolution of Smooth’s product as being hard to sell, they did find a female buyer who took to their innovative package design immediately. This started the ball rolling and soon these entrepreneurs had their product on shelves in mainstream department stores. Online retailers like eBay soon began selling them too!

Building a Dream

Co-creators Mehra and Teller began the road to their success by choosing a product (evolutionofsmooth) to launch. When they discovered that the packaging and ingredients used for lip balms had not changed since the products were first introduced, they decided to capitalize on the decades old design by reinventing it. Not only did they place their lip balm inside little round balls instead of cylindrical tubes, but they also gave them color. Their product more closely resembled the products sold in beauty departments rather than those found available oral care.

Once their product was ready to launch they needed to develop marketing strategies that would get them noticed. They intentionally created EOS lip balm to engage all of the senses through smell, taste, sight, touch and even hearing. Choosing to appeal to a woman’s emotional side, they created a tagline that essentially said their product would make people smile. Once the product was visible in stores it wasn’t long before high profile celebrities were caught using it in photos and music videos as well as creating blogs about it.


Goeffrey Cone’s Reply on New Zealand as a Tax Haven

Most international Media portray the country as a tax haven. According to foreign trusts in New Zealand, that statement holds untrue meaning. According to recent media coverage, New Zealand sounds like a safe tax haven. For the wealthy community around the world, that term attracts their attention. For this reason, there are complex financial deals undertaken by foreign trusts in the country that attracts tax. The truth, as it holds for many tax reforms, is more mundane.



We need to look at this issue critically. The country is not a tax haven. Therefore, the air should be clear about that. There is a list of tax haven maintained by OECD. While the list exists, New Zealand has never appeared as a member of the tax haven community in the world. For the most part of the future, the trend is expected to remain the same. New Zealand has never, does not, and is unlikely to appear in that list. The main component of identification of tax havens is that they have limited or no taxes. There is also the lack of transparency among tax havens. According to OECD, tax shelters have laws that inhibit information exchange with various states. While these grounds hold real values, New Zealand does not exist among them. The country does not house a secretive banking system.


According to OECD, they released a gold standard for transparency in 2002. It covers Tax Mattes, Information Exchange, and Model Agreement to support information exchange and enforce domestic laws. One of the first countries to be recognized by OECD was New Zealand. For this to happen, the state implemented the international standard tax rule for foreign trusts.


New Zealand has continued to lead in issues concerning tax transparency. Most of the collected tax is used in supporting government projects. Michael Cullen introduced the new rules governing foreign trusts in 2002. While his regime sounded vigorous, the external trust of a New Zealand resident trustee is required to submit the IRD form by OECD. For this reason, the company will keep records accordingly.


This includes settlement details, trust deed, and distribution of recipient address and names, details of trustee liabilities and assets, and the amount of money received and spent by the trustee. The trust must keep information of any business transacted in the region. When they fail to do so, they will attract a penalty or sanction. For record purposes, all transactions must be accounted the country’s records.

Josh Verne’s Tips on How to Succeed in Life and Business


Josh Verne is a renowned entrepreneur with extensive background in establishing, developing, and selling businesses. Currently, Josh is’s Chief Operating Officer. Here are Josh Verne’s favorite success quotes:


Be a leader, not a manager


There are leaders and managers in management positions. Managers do their best interest and use their title to demand respect and accomplish their goals. Conversely, a leader earns respect by putting his subordinates’ interests forth. A leader uses the earned respect to achieving the corporate goals. Therefore, if you wish to succeed in business, you have to be a leader. Leaders neither demand respect nor force their will onto others. Leaders prioritize on their subordinates’ interests and consider them as partners.


Business deals should be win-win


In business, never agree to a deal of action that is win-lose. Always strive for a win, a win for your employees, clients, and society at large. No matter how hostile a situation may look, strive for a win-win deal. If you do not settle on win-win situations, you will have to find the best solution when an unexpected problem occurs. Settling for a win-win situation will boost your business reputation considerably.


Speak Less, Listen More


Josh Verne’s point is clear and profound. Use your two ears and one mouth proportionately. The less you talk, the more authoritative you appear. As such, more people will pay attention to you when speaking.


Have a Life Balance


Life requires balance. As such, you may be extremely wealthy but suffer due to health problems. Contrary, you may be healthy and have a shredded body, but suffer due to lack of sufficient money. Life is about improving every area of your life ranging from personal growth, health, wealth, and relationship.


Follow your passion


If you want to be successful, follow your passion. Although it is a fact that there are plenty of unsuccessful people who are passionate, only a few successful people lack passion.


About Josh Verne


Mr. Josh Verne is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of Workpays LLC founded in 2011. In 2003, Workpays LLC appointed Josh Verne as its President after assuming responsibilities for all manufacturing and leading the largest division of top 100 retail stores. Under Josh Verne’s helm, Workpays LLC, a multi-national corporation has exceeded its sales with over $200 million.


Upon graduating from high school in 1995, Josh Verne ventured into the furniture distribution business. After a successful elevation to the ranks of a senior executive, Josh Verne initiated a series of strategies to improve Workpays LLC. During his reign, Workpays LLC moved to the positions of global-scale furniture distributor.


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The Go-getter, Influencer – Bruce Levenson

The former ownership group of NBA Franchise, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, has filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company, for breaching a contract that involved the settlement of a claim made by Danny Ferry the former general manager. The lawsuit does not affect the current Hawks ownership group that is led by the principle Tony Ressler. The suit was filed on September 13th, 2016 in the Superior Court of Fulton County against the insurance company, is a civil action for breach contract and the insurance bad faith.

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. States that the insurance covered it under policy coverage for losses associated with employment performance that also included wrong terminations and wrong work torts this is according to the court’s documents. On June 22, 2015, as reported by ESPN, Ferry and AHBE LLC agreed to end the relationship that they started in 2012 with signing 18 million dollar contract, two days later they agreed to sale the franchise group that is now being led by Ressler. Tony stated that they were aware of the complaints and that the former principles of AHBE had no responsibilities in the organization. The court said that the confidential limits of liability are enough to pay the AHBE’s claims. The lawsuit further stated that AIG has refused to acknowledge that the complaint has been made and also a contract was activated. AIG has also refused to pay for the loss without significant good reason and with bad faith.

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman who was born in Washington D.C to a Jewish family, and he grew up in Maryland Chevy Chase. Bruce is a philanthropist, a former NBA owner and he formally co-owned Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment LLC. Lavenson attended Washington University in St. Louis and is a law graduate of American University.

Bruce is a go-getter, and while attending school during the night, he started his career as a journalist at Washington Star. He has also held various positions in his career like being a governor in the NBA Board of Governors, and he is the co-founder of United Communications Group. He has also served as the President of Washington chapter of I have a Dream Foundation, an organization responsible for helping the less fortunate children to pursue higher education.

It’s Time To Call a Professional To Help With Your Reputation Online

When is the last time that you have checked to see whether or not your company has a solid online presence?

When’s the last time you’ve checked to see if your company website still works?

Getting a solid professional presence online is important. Many people use the web these days to search for where they go for business, and it’s important to know what people are saying about you online.

If you aren’t sure about how to manage your online reputation, there are many professionals who you can consult. You can even hire an entire company to manage your online presence.

What can your online company do to manage your online search results There are many different tricks of the trade that they use, and every company is just a little bit different.

Here are some questions that you should ask a online reputation company:

  • When can you begin managing my content online? Are you able to start immediately?
  • What can you do for my business? What do you think my business needs to do to manage its online presence better? What suggestions do you have for us?
  • When should the search results start becoming more effective? In other words, when should the cleanup results “start to kick in?”
  • What is the best way to navigate our reputation online? What can we do to help you be as successful as possible?
  • What experience do you have with cases such as ours? Can you show us evidence that you are successful?

If you are looking for companies, you should consider trying a company such as They’re able to help you with all your search engine needs, and they are more than able to help you with getting the best care for your business. You won’t have to stress out about content creation when you let them take control.

There are many different options available for your business needs, and you can take control of your online reputation very effectively when you have such a service working for you.

If you are considering hiring an online reputation company to get your online reputation cleaned up, you should do so immediately. Every second that you wait is just another second that trolls can attack, so be sure to get your business cleared up now.

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A Blessing In Disguise for Brazilian Real Estate


The last thing that any property developer wants to hear is that the property they purchased has depreciated in cost. This is the kind of nightmare that has hit Brazil in the past few years. Investors have been a little worried about the downward trend. However, every cloud does come with a silver lining because Brazil seems to be reaping huge benefits from the falling estate costs. Investors from outside the country are flocking their markets to get a share of the property

Companies like the GTIS property have already acquired the Brazilian Hospitality Group. Tishman Speyer and Equity international are also making the final preparations to access the market. The current republican presidential candidate has also invested in a tower that boasts 171 rooms. The demand has shocked many, especially because the estate market has been affected greatly by factors such as political unrest and low demand. Things have been so bad that the country has entered an economic recession twice.

The recent research into sale patterns showed that last year alone, for every 100 properties that were developed, 41 failed to attract buyers and were returned to the developer. This was a worrying trend as it would have led to the crash of the property market. However, investors from outside the country have seen this as an opportunity to buy in. This is because it is believed that at some point, the market will rise again.

Brazil is a market that is a little different from Asia. This is because it is a little bit more urbanized and about 36 million of its population has entered the middle class status, something that will have a positive impact on the market.

Companies like Construcap have started specializing in value added construction. They were the ones in charge of making the Mineiraio arena. Construcap decided to go green on the entire construction and it is a gamble that has paid off really well. They recently received a platinum star from the platinum LEED certification for the construction of a stadium, which shows that a building has evolved in the luxury model, but now with the aim of being sustainable.

Be sure to watch their video on YouTube “Construcap – Obra em Humaitá”, detailing what they’ve done through their humanitarian efforts.  Otherwise Exatop has a great article on Constucap’s role in the new Fiat factory.


Securus Technologies Answers Claims by Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies is a giant in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) field, offering audio and video communications to inmates serving time in prison facilities across the United States of America and Canada. The company has recently been involved in litigation brought forward by a smaller competitor, Global Tel Link (GTL). GTL stated that Securus has infringed on patents developed and secured by GTL. Securus recently rebutted various claims made by GTL in a press release issued by PR Newswire.

Securus Technologies has a larger number of patents and serves a greater percentage of the prison population than GTL. The company provides services to more than 3,450 correctional agencies housing more than 1,200,000 inmates.

Securus Technologies began operations in 1986. It has headquarters in Dallas and Atlanta. The current president of operations is Richard A. (Rick) Smith.

Securus Technologies as a company has moved prison communications from the Stone Age of communication to the modern electronic and Internet era. Full body searches and traveling long distances to visit inmates, secluded from society sentenced to live in abject conditions have been replaced by communications from the comfort of home to the inmate whenever the facility allows for communication.

The advances made by Securus technologies have been welcomed by wardens, prison guards, and staff as well as the prisoners themselves who revel in keeping in touch with family members and friends on the outside. This special and secured communications are a further impetus for inmates to serve their time and re-enter society to be with family and friends.

For more information about Securus Technologies visit their website here.



The Career of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Plastic surgery is one of the fastest growing areas of medicine today. There are a lot of people who are looking to join the field. When plastic surgery was first starting out, there were few experts in the field. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been one of the leading experts of plastic surgery for many years. She has done a great job of taking things to the next level. With all of her education, she has been a valuable mentor in helping others just starting out. She recently returned to her home state of Texas, and a lot of local people are looking forward to having her influence in the area. If you have a plastic surgery question, she is a great resource to use.


Dr. Jennifer Walden


From the time she was young, Dr. Jennifer Walden has wanted to help others through medicine. She had to work hard to get through school, especially with all of the added pressure from working at a hospital. In those days, it was a rare achievement to get through school as fast as she did. She found a passion in helping others through plastic surgery, and she is now one of the leading experts in the world. With all of the new technology in the industry, there are a lot of new procedures that can be performed. Anyone who has questions about plastic surgery should look to see if Dr. Jennifer Walden has written about it. She has written hundreds of articles and books in this area of medicine.


Final Thoughts


Overall, Dr. Jennifer Walden has done a great job of growing her career. If you want to excel in your career, she is a great example to follow. She is someone who is passionate about what she does, and she lives her life to help others. This is why she is so excited about the new innovation that is coming out of this field in the coming years. It will be amazing to see all of the new plastic surgery procedures that people like Dr. Jennifer Walden can perform.

Goettl Has Tips For Keeping Cool And Saving Energy

While it is a good thing to stay cool, it does cost a lot of money. Fortunately, there are a few things that people could do to reduce the amount of energy they use without turning the air conditioner unit off and having to endure a lot of excessive heat. Goettl offers a lot of tips as well as energy efficient units. These tips could work well even for the older units that take a lot of energy to work. When people follow these tips, they will notice a dramatic drop in the price they have to pay for their electric bill.

Among the tips that they have for the users are manage the air filters, keep draperies closed, pay attention to the different gadgets, circulate air, program the units, and make sure that the air conditioning units get the needed maintenance. While they may sound like a lot to some people, it does go a long way towards bringing forth a lower energy bill while keeping everything comfortable in the home. There are a ton of other tips that people could follow in order to save money on their electric bill. The more tips they follow, the more money they save.

Goettl Air Conditioning is always willing to help with any air conditioning issues that people may have. They are also willing to help with philanthropic acts. Among the things they have done was help out people who found themselves in unfavorable circumstances out of their control. Among the people that have been helped with Goettl is a woman who had an air conditioner unit break down on her. The Goettl Brand has seen that there is nothing that could be done for the unit because it was so old. They have set the lady up with a portable unit so that she could be more comfortable.

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